Spring 2020

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Online Courses

Webinars are run as real time online tutorials. You will be able to interact with the tutor and other students as the session happens via a chat box. Experience a CPA/MISPA seminar live from anywhere in the world through your computer browser.

CPA Foundation Course - Full Details Here

Term 2 The Dynamics of Astrology
Dates: Wednesday evenings, 22 January - 25 March 2020, Time: 19.00 - 21.00 GMT/BST

The 2019/20 Course is now fully booked

Online Webinars

Webinars are run as real time online tutorials. You will be able to interact with the tutor and other students as the session happens via a chat box. Experience a CPA/MISPA seminar live from anywhere in the world through your computer browser.

Webinars will be recorded and all those who have booked will be sent the link from which to access the recording 24/48 hours after the event, this is for those who want to watch again or who missed it live. The recording will be available for 1 month only.

Juliet Sharman-Burke
The Craft of Chart Interpretation
Sunday 2nd February 2020 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

You have learned the astrological theory but now how to put it into practice?  This seminar will concentrate on the “how to” of chart reading. We will start by looking at some basic counselling techniques which can be usefully applied in chart readings, as well as simple ideas to follow when setting up an astrological practice. I will then present an example chart from my own practice to demonstrate possible ways to interpret a chart. Students will be encouraged to offer opinions, ask questions and share experiences during the seminar.
Price: £42
Venue: Online webinar

Darby Costello
Water: Giver of Life
Sunday 9th February 2020 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

Water is perhaps the most mysterious of all the elements. It is in everything, and mostly invisible. And yet, it is so visible: in ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, oceans and seas; below us in the earth and above falling from the sky. It always heads for the sea when left on its own - always seeking unity with its larger self.  In our charts it shows us where we are seeking unity, with ourselves, with others, with life itself. Where there is water, we must attend our emotions so they stay healthy and life-giving. Ignored, they become harmful to ourselves and others – over-purified and they become sterile. In this webinar we shall explore astrological Water through signs, planets and houses.
Price: £42
Venue: Online webinar

Lynn Bell
What Belongs to us: The Second House
Sunday 23rd February 2020 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

What truly belongs to us? We often judge our self-worth by what we have or don’t have, an object a talent, a treasure. What are we worth to others? Planets in this house need to be part of an embodied experience. We will look at how different planets in the second house affect our self-worth, and what they require of us. People with second house planets can have difficulty recognizing themselves until they have accomplished something tangible. Money, or the lack of it, can be a reflection of these inner issues.
Price: £42
Venue: Online webinar

Alexander von Schlieffen
Applying the philosophy of the astrological quadrants in theory and practice
Sunday 1st March 2020 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

The origin of the theory of the astrological quadrants is based on Aristoteles’ writings on the four causes (causa materialis, causa efficiens, causa formalis and causa finalis). Once we understand the inner dynamic of Aristoteles’ beautiful thoughts, we can easily apply them onto any birth chart. That will allow us to get a very quick and profound inside into the dynamic of the horoscope. This perspective requires some new interpretations of the astrological houses as well, this is more than fun.
Price: £42
Venue: Online webinar

Shawn Nygaard
Saturn in Aquarius - The Difference Between Us
Sunday 8th March 2020 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

When Saturn leaves Capricorn in March of 2020 and enters Aquarius, it moves into the second sign of its traditional rulership. Where Saturn in Capricorn maintains limits and seeks a disciplined approach to its accomplishments, managing a life in control, Saturn in Aquarius goes further, heading into the outer limits, often deviating from established norms. Saturn in Aquarius takes a breath of fresh air and moves to a different beat. New innovations and potentials present themselves, sometimes as crazy ideas. New and interesting characters, often unfamiliar, step onto the stage where we may not have been looking. Social justice enters the conversation where injustice has prevailed. The focus is on the future while we deal with the difficulties of the present. Saturn in Aquarius asks each of us to participate.

This webinar explores different facets of Saturn in Aquarius, from the nature of the water it carries, to the more complicated tendency of holding onto tradition while heading into the future. Do we bend, or do we break? The answer, as they say, is blowin' in the wind. Includes numerous chart examples and historical events that help to illustrate the gifts and challenges of Saturn in Aquarius.
Price: £42
Venue: Online webinar

Safron Rossi
Archetypal Polarities 2: Pisces - Virgo
Sunday 8th December 2019 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

The zodiac contain 6 natural polarities. These polarities depict archetypal configurations between two signs which symbolize two patterns of consciousness. Each sign contains its own energy as well as the energy of its opposite, and learning to see in terms of polarity helps with understanding both the shadows and potential gifts of each sign.

Session 2: Pisces-Virgo
Essential themes in the Pisces-Virgo dance: Form and vision; matter and spirit; alchemical coagulation and dissolution.
Price: £42
Venue: Online webinar

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