The New CPA

Dear Friends of the CPA

Now that the Diploma Course has finished and we have a list of our last Graduates posted on the web site here, we will start to turn our attentions to pursuing a more original and creative path to astrological education. We plan to take our inspiration from Plato’s Academy, and encourage our tutors to teach material based on their current research and interests but with greater flexibility as to the format of the teaching, without offering any assessment, grade system, or qualification. This means that, according to the personal wishes and aptitudes of the tutors, some seminars will continue as day-long explorations, while some might be a series of evening classes, a half-day workshop, a two-day conference, or a small ongoing supervision group, and some tutors might occasionally wish to offer a two-hour class online. But no student will be required to achieve a fixed number of seminars to complete any kind of certificate or diploma, so students can enrol and attend according to their own interests and time commitments. This is learning for the sheer love and joy of learning, an experience which is rapidly vanishing from both academic and non-academic institutions in the present climate. We may also hold seminars and classes at venues other than Regents College, and also outside London.

We intend to remain loyal to the CPA’s core commitment to the reality of the psyche and the importance and value of the individual, and tutors – both those resident in the UK and those from abroad – will continue to offer psychological perspectives on astrology from different points of view. We will also continue with the CPA Press and publish books containing various seminars and classes, both current and from our existing library, as a way of offering our work to students who cannot attend in person. We also intend to continue to offer a small selection of seminars in the form of Studyshops. New online resources will also be made available, such as reading lists and links to educational websites, which might offer valuable materials for the astrological student.           

The new programme of events will appear shortly and those who subscribe to the site will receive updates when a new event is announced.